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Plant integrum et absolutum ethanol praeservatum


With molecular sieve bed method to produce absolute ethanol 1. Technological process   2. Technical description 1) No operator at site and high automatic standard. 2) Operation of no malfunction, working time is more than 330 days per year. 3) High separation efficiency, purity of the absolute ethanol can be adjusted up to above 99.9% (V) online. 4) Compact equipments, short process, small occupancy and cost saving. 5) No pollution and waste discharge. 3. The consumption for producing one to...

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    In lectulo modum hypotheticarum nihilum absolutum, ad producendum ethanol praeservatum

    1. inventis technicis dives processus



    2. Technical descriptio

    I) No operator in ipso situ et excelsum vexillum.

    II) non est malfunction operationem, magis quam operatus est CCCXXX diebus per annum.

    III) High efficientiam separata exercitium, puritatem in ethanol praeservatum absolutum vel sit non volutpat supra usque ad 99,9% (V) online.

    IV) Paperback armorum forent, brevi processus: parva negotium sumptus et salutaris.

    V) pollutio et non vastum missionem.

    3. Quod consummatio in producendo unum ton absoluta ethanol praeservatum

    I) vapor: 600kg
    II) Material ipsum: 1,05 Ochozias
    III) Quod potentia: VIII KW
    IV) aqua: redivivus

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