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  • Colorado brewers, distillers cracking into hard seltzer craze

    As demand for hard seltzer bubbles over, several Northern Colorado breweries – and one distillery – have taken notice. After doing research and finding out it was legal to make hard seltzer under their existing brewing license, the owners of Verboten Brewing got to work adding the bur...
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  • How ethanol is made

    How ethanol is made

    Ethanol is produced from biomass mostly via a fermentation process using glucose derived from sugars (sugar cane, sugar beet and molasses), starch (corn, wheat, grains) or cellulose (forest products) as raw materials. In this form, it is renewable.  Synthetic ethanol can also be produced from non...
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  • Ethanol Gas

    Ethanol Gas

    Ethanol is an organic chemical known as ethyl alcohol that is the kind of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol gas finds use as a biofuel additive for gasoline. Brazil and United States are the largest fuel consumers of ethanol as a source of alternative energy. The Brazilian government ...
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  • Fuel Ethanol Plant – Interactive Model

    Fuel Ethanol Plant – Interactive Model

    KEYU company provides (along with cooperating engineering service providers) full plant design and advisement. KEYU also supplies equipment and support for distillation, dehydration, and evaporation along with related auxiliary systems to improve plant efficiency and productivity. The best way to...
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  • Cassava as ethanol feedstock

    Cassava as ethanol feedstock

    Cassava as ethanol feedstock Ethanol can be made from mineral oil or from sugars or starches. Starches are cheapest. The starchy crop with highest energy content per acre is cassava, which grows in tropical countries. Thailand already had a large cassava industry in the 1990s, for use as cattle f...
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  • Ke Yu alcohol projects for Pakistan customers

    Ke Yu alcohol projects for Pakistan customers

    Ke Yu alcohol projects for Pakistan customers 2018-04-24 Ji’nan khak exhibition industry technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. is a science and technology economic entity composed of professors, expert consultants and senior engineers and technicians who have been engaged in alcohol and ca...
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  • The leader of new energy

    The leader of new energy

    The leader of new energy 2018-11-24 In 2016, the international crude oil price began to rise at the bottom. Under the influence of the global economic recovery, the implementation of OPEC crude oil production reduction plan and the geopolitical turmoil, the rise of oil price accelerated in ...
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