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DDGS are a co-product of ethanol production and are used as a high-protein animal feed. It is an efficient alternative to corn and soybean-based animal feed.

“Most ethanol plants are dry-grind facilities that extract starch from corn to produce ethanol. The remainder of the corn kernel, after ethanol production is complete, is used to produce wet distiller grains (WDG) or dried distillers grains (DDG).”
DDGS have a longer shelf life (almost indefinite) than normal corn and soybean meal, making it a valuable food source to livestock and poultry producers. Furthermore, the longer shelf life ensures DDGS can be shipped anywhere.
DDGS’ high energy, mid-protein and high digestible phosphorus content make it an attractive partial replacement for some of the more expensive and traditional energy (corn), protein (soybean) and phosphorus (mono-or dicalcium phosphate) used in animals feeds.

Post time: Nov-05-2019
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