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Fuel Ethanol Plant – Interactive Model

KEYU company provides (along with cooperating engineering service providers) full plant design and advisement. KEYU also supplies equipment and support for distillation, dehydration, and evaporation along with related auxiliary systems to improve plant efficiency and productivity.
The best way to understand how a fuel ethanol plant’s operation works is to see it in action. We based the interactive model below on an advanced biofuel production plant that we designed in our country. Key elements include:
– Three-part evaporation system that progressively concentrates the stillage, which contains water and dissolved solids.
– Beer column, reboilers, and CO2 flash vessel: the beer column separates ethanol and water, reboilers generate vapor at the bottom of the beer column, and the flash vessel removes unwanted CO2 that the feed dissolved.
– Rectifying column, reboiler, and fusel oil decanter, which work together to separate fusel oils contained in the ethanol stream.
– Molecular sieve system that uses adsorption to perform the final separation of ethanol from water.


Post time: Apr-22-2019
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