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Ke Yu alcohol projects for Pakistan customers

Ke Yu alcohol projects for Pakistan customers



Ji’nan khak exhibition industry technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. is a science and technology economic entity composed of professors, expert consultants and senior engineers and technicians who have been engaged in alcohol and carbon dioxide professional technology and equipment for many years. The equipment processing plant covers an area of more than 50 thousand square meters. The company is a Professor, expert consultant and expert consultant at the Shandong Light Industries College, Shandong fermentation Design Institute. M, the company is located in Ji’nan, a beautiful city in Shandong, a political, economic and cultural center.

Since 1995, Ke Yu has carried out technical design, service and engineering construction for many alcohol factories and chemical plants throughout the country.

Our company has designed and built 100 thousand tons of high grade alcohol projects for Pakistan customers, 15 thousand tons of glacial acetic acid projects annually, 10 thousand tons of high purity carbon dioxide recovery projects and alcohol wastewater treatment projects, and designed and built 60 thousand tons of anhydrous alcohol and annual output of 30 thousand tons DDGS for Russian customers; for American customers Design and construction of excellent grade alcohol production plant and other projects, won the praise of international friends.

In the spirit of “customer first, dedication and sincerity”, our company provides customers with the following services:

(1) to undertake the overall design and construction of the new grade and alcohol upgrading project with an annual output of 3000-500000 tons (Grade 10, 3, 4, 3 – 2008).

Two, build an annual output of 1500-300000 tons of anhydrous alcohol plant (molecular sieve bed method);

Three, for the alcohol plant design and construction quality to achieve GB10621 – 2006 superior grade food grade carbon dioxide recovery and purification device, create higher economic benefits;

Four, provide all technology (international advanced level) and engineering construction for granular protein feed (DDGS) for corn and wheat alcohol producers.

Five. Special recommendation: new technology of distilling liquid zero emission from distillers’ grains!

Six, the alcohol distillery liquid of the alcohol manufacturer is thoroughly treated, and the discharge wastewater reaches the first level emission standard of the GB18918-2002 alcohol production industry.

Seven, the overall design and facilities for the alcohol saving project will be reduced to 20m3.

Eight. Machine processing and manufacturing special equipment for light industry and chemical industry.

Ke Yu company can not only provide high and new technology and quality supporting equipment to alcohol manufacturers, but also provide one-stop service from production to after-sales service. We promise that technical training will be undertaken by our company and provide lifelong technical service after the project is completed.

The purpose of the company is to serve the vast number of users with “first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class reputation and first-class service”, which will enable you to gain better economic benefits with less investment.


Post time: Mar-02-2019
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